With you, we turn challenges
into opportunities

With over 50 years of combined experience, we help companies build resilience.

Thanks to our 3 areas of expertise, we analyze your organization and advise you on the key areas that allow you to remain competitive in a constantly changing market. With the help of a 360° analysis and a collaborative work of 3 experts, we offer you a global management of your organization.

We offer you a structured support to gain in efficiency

Project management

Taking charge of your projects with agility,
a structured implementation phase
and RUN support.

Time saving

Solution and implementation oriented (RUN),
we focus on ROI and simple approaches.

360° analysis

We have combined 3 complementary expertises to allow you to focus on the main thing: the satisfaction of your customer.
We take care of accompanying and advising you on 3 poles, which can be taken together or separately:

  • Regulations
  • It and process
  • The care and consideration of your employees who are your talents.

This support allows you to adapt and maintain your excellence, both in daily life and in times of change, to differentiate yourself from your customers and competitors.

How do we work?

We come on site to deal with the first steps and any sensitive issue regarding confidentiality. According to your needs, we can also facilitate remote work through modern and secure tools (Swiss server) and video-conferences. Saving time, ease, ecology.

Track record

As a young company, we obviously do not have the extensive track record of some of our competitors. However, on request, we can provide our customers/prospects with contact persons from companies where we have worked in order to obtain references.

Why these three activities?

This strategy stems from a practical observation. To remain competitive in a competitive market, a company must strengthen its 3 pillars.

Through our professional expertise, we wish to offer a complementary and global support. During the implementation of major changes, the focus is often on project management and the aspects of change management (processes – human capital) are not sufficiently taken into account. We see a real advantage in proposing a complete cycle in our offer, although each pillar can be seen as a single intervention element.

Our billing systems

We have a system based on three pillars, depending on the size of the mandate:

  • The Package (ALL IN):
    • Full package for a specific project/mandate
    • Annual package for a delegation of activities
  • The Rate Plan:
    • Pricing is by the day or by the hour
    • We define together the estimated time
    • The Rate Plan is adaptable to a temporary mission with one of our clients (interim function, emergency requiring our resources)
  • Framework contract defining our collaboration
    • Here, you pay for what you use,
    • Simplicity of use

Disbursements and travel are determined contractually, as well as applicable taxes (VAT in particular).

Who can benefit from our services?

Mase Partners is active in B2B. According to their needs, we offer our services to our clients who come from all horizons: Banks, Insurance Companies, Independent Asset Managers, Financial Companies, SMEs, Start-Ups, Multinationals, Public Administrations and Communities.